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Creating HBD Living Room Design For Stylish And Urban Dwellers

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern-futuristic living room that can fit into any urban dwelling, then you should check out some of the ideas in this article. Whether you’re after a clean and minimalistic design or something with a little more pizzazz, these rooms..

5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

 Your living room conveys a reflection of who you are. It can give an insight into Your lifestyle, income bracket, personality trait and personal preference. Due to the above reasons you might want an apartment that represents your personalities and tastes perfectly- or r..

Renovating Your Living Room

Living rooms are the centre of a home. You spend the most time there, relaxing, entertaining, and just enjoying with family and loved ones. As such, the surroundings can get a little boring with the passage of time. If that’s true for you, then it’s time for a reno..

Simple And Easy Ways To Make Your Living Room Feel Cozier

If you want to make your living space homey, warm and welcoming so you can enjoy spending more time in it, follow our simple and easy tips that will really turn up the coziness in any space. These tips and tricks apply to almost any type of interior design, so don’t be a..

A Family-Friendly Living Room That Works For Everyone

We all ache for a place where we can retire to after a long day and finally be ourselves. A place we can take off the mask and dance with nobody looking or just have a drink and binge-watch movies. A place infused with our sense of style, a place that we can call ours.


Liven Up Your Modern Living Room With Timeless Furniture

Liven up your modern living room with timeless furniture, mixing styles from a different era to create a dynamic interior full of texture and visual interest that reflect your personal style. The heavily used of wood elements from flooring to cabinetry also brings warmth and c..

MUST-TRY Living Room Ideas

The living room is where most of the family spends their time. Your kids are going to be lounging on the couch in front of the TV while you and your partner engage in some casual chit-chat regarding the day in the living room. Not to mention the fact that most of your guests a..

Achieve An Exquisite Minimalist Look For Your Living Room

A minimalist living room creates a very calm and soothing atmosphere. This type of design usually involves stripping down the number of furniture items and objects to the bare minimum and focusing on quality rather than quantity. Minimalism is a trendy design because people en..

Unexpected, Easy, and Extremely Chic Living Room Renovation

Whether it is choosing your dream outfit or your next home decor inspiration, being up to date with the latest popular culture trends puts you at an advantage – it makes you Chic! If you are a Singaporean homeowner that finds themselves due for a home makeover, you are t..

Brilliant Ideas For The Living Room

The living room is where everyone comes together for an array of activities. It is a common area of any house and a focal point. It can make an impression on the guests. Simultaneously, it can be a safe haven for your family to indulge in entertainment. These qualities br..

Make Your Living Room a Cozy

Your choice of color scheme sets the tone for your living room. Make your space cozy and inviting with a combination of colors you love. Find a fresh look for your space with these living room color schemes you can easily adapt to match your decorating style.


Ideas For A Captivating Appeal

A living room is the core of the house. Usually, it is the first thing a guest sees when they walk into your home or apartment. If you’re one of the people who like to make a statement or impression of your lifestyle, you might want to renovate a bit


Take You Into The New Dimension

New living room styles and interior designs continually drop. This year is going to be a little different. Apartments are getting smaller and compact. Yet, we are all looking for a way to make an impression. The best way is to treat the apartment’s doorway as a portal to..

Upgrade Your Living Room

Today, there are a wealth of stylish and eye-catching options available to you – perfect for updating your space without spending a fortune. The TV wall is the newest and most stylish decor in today’s home design industry. The space has become very popular among ho..

Inspire a Lounge Refresh

Living room is certainly the most utilised room in any home,it deserves your attention (and your eye for design). If you’re thinking of revamping your home,there are many design elements to play with. From speedy spring revamps with colour pops from cushions and throws, ..

Create A Multi-functional, Family Space

Open-plan living has slowly become part of our everyday lives, from a home office within a living room to a kitchen diner. These spaces should be well designed and able to utilize the best of the overall room in their function.
It’s easy to create an open-plan liv..

Dark Wood Furniture

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern living room that is perfect for urban dwellers, look no further than dark wood furniture. This type of furniture not only looks great but also has a sophisticated feel that can fit any home. Here are some tips on how to create the..

Drawing Room Wall Design Ideas for Every Home

The drawing rooms of a house are where first impressions are made. The furnishings of a room give the room its personality and mood. Drawing rooms need to be carefully planned and made to go in with the rest of your home and reflect the personality of the individuals who will ..

Cane Designs' Handcrafted Wall Decor In Recycled Wood & Cane (14 Inch)

his wall decor is an extravagant piece of art that is beautifully hand-crafted on Recycled Wood. It comes in the shades of Wooden Brown & Beige and can serve as an elegant showpiece for your home decor plans. Wonderfully hand-crafted with a marvelous circular pattern made ..

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