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Top Modern House Designs For You

The signature of modern interiors is the minimalism in approach and the clearly defined lines across each setting. Whether you’re in a living room or bedroom, you can have these fine lines that divide each area, furniture, and appliance. However, it doesn’t have to..

Quick Tips to Get a Wow Factor in All-White Interior Spaces

Maximizing space is a top priority for most people living in HDB or small homes and it is not always easy to find a perfect balance between form and functionality all the time. It requires plenty of care and often you do need to compromise a touch on the colors you use for sha..

Super Hot Interior Design Trends In Singapore To Style Your Home

Style and aesthetics are vital considerations in designing our homes. It’s safe to say we want a home that exudes luxury and sophistication, as well as it goes parallel to current trends. If you are exploring new interior design trends getting popular in Singapore, then ..

Design Ideas That Will Make Your Space Feel Bigger And Brighter

Small homes feel cluttered and dark but the best thing you can do with limited space is to give it the appearance of airiness. This can be achieved with a minimal colour palette, clever window treatments, and multipurpose furniture, etc . Here we have gathe..

Lavish Interior Looks For Your Home To Make A Statement

We often seek to express ourselves or make a statement. That’s why all the artistic things and creativity entice us. We find ourselves resonated and connected to such innovations. With that in mind, we are bringing you the top six ideas for lavish interiors.


Using Different Hues Of Gray In Home Interiors

There are two schools of thought when it comes to using gray; one that says it’s too dull a color and the other that finds it classy and chic. This sober and safe color goes well with all other shades, that you just can’t go wrong while using it. Use it in your wal..

Awesome Custom Carpentry Ideas That Showcase Its Importance

The furniture, woodwork, materials, and designs that we get in the market are limited. We often have to shift to custom orders, and personalised work. If you have been in the interior design industry for a while, you would already acknowledge the importance of custom carpentry..

Excellent Design Ideas For July 2022

Once again, we are bringing you a couple of design ideas that we found intriguing and deserving of attention. We have kept you updated regarding many bizarre, beautiful, or bespoken design ideas. With that thought in mind, here are a couple of great concepts for July 2022 inte..

Awesome Custom Carpentry Ideas That Showcase Its Importance

The furniture, woodwork, materials, and designs that we get in the market are limited. We often have to shift to custom orders, and personalised work. If you have been in the interior design industry for a while, you would already acknowledge the importance of custom carpentry..

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas Singapore

Nothing oozes warmth, comfort, and welcoming ambience more than the user-friendly, practical, yet modern kitchen setups. If the living room is our comfort next, then the kitchen is the feeding ground. And we all want the most convenient, yet stunning kitchen.

After a..

Simple Designs That Capture Your Hearts

While designing a house, we sometimes overthink the ideas and decisions we make. We often hire professionals to ensure that every corner is organized meticulously. However, some of the best designs come right from our hearts, where we trust our instincts and work our way aroun..

Quirky Interior Design Ideas For HDB That Work

The desire to do something new and unique often push us to try something unconventional. As a result, we can create something genuinely captivating or a masterful disaster. With that in mind, here are some quirky interior design ideas that just work.

These aren&rsquo..

The A-List Of Classic Interior Designs

There will always be the need for innovation and something new in design. Ergo, we end up digging and working on new concepts. However, we often stray too far from the idea behind these designs. Sometimes, it is better to stick to traditional or classic methods.


Trending Designs of 2022

If you have made resolutions for this year, it’s high time you started ticking them off, for we’re closing in on a quarter now. Most people intend to make some alterations or even go for a complete makeover of their house when the new year begins. Whether it is an ..

Breath New Life Into Your Home With These Zesty Ideas For Interior Designs

If you look around, you will find plenty of fascinating interior designs and settings. However, we usually see them following the same fundamentals. Some have similar color schemes. Are you growing bored of similar ideas? Do they appear normal to you? If that’s the case,..

Top 5 Eclectic Home Interior Ideas

The latest interior designs are all about expressing who you are. It is all about individualism. Therefore, the typical norms and conventional ideas or rules don’t apply to them. You don’t have to conform to just modern, contemporary, or vintage settings. You can m..

Try Out These Open-Plan Living Room Ideas To Create a Multi-Functional, Family Space

Open-plan living has slowly become part of our everyday lives, from a home office within a living room to a kitchen diner. These spaces should be well designed and able to utilize the best of the overall room in their function.
It’s easy to create an open-plan liv..

Modern Contemporary Home Interior Ideas

So, you’re looking for modern contemporary home interior designs. It means that you’re looking for trendy and latest selections available in the industry. We have compiled a list of the five such designs that capture our eyes. With minimalism, spacious, or simplist..

Ideas To Add Bar Counter Space In Your Home

Adding a bar counter has become a fast-growing trend in Singapore. However, with the limited space in small HDBs, and apartments, it could become challenging. The budget might be another consideration. So, we are bringing you some cozy ideas interior design for bar counter spa..

Bedroom Interior Design Tips & Ideas To Make The Best Out Of It

Can you improve your bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, let’s not forget that all interior design ideas are about giving your house a makeover. It often includes a bedroom, and it is often in the budget-friendly range. Still, we are bringing you some be..

Interior Ideas For A Nordic Modern Home

A Nordic Home Style is simple, minimal, and quite elegant. It doesn’t look too overwhelming. Nor does it impose too much. Yet, it has an intricate beauty that makes it stand out. While one could try and define it as modern or contemporary, the nordic style has bright col..

Unique And Trendy Bathroom Design

Before you get that HDB toilet renovation done, you might have browsed countless ideas. It could be from magazines or the website database. Now, hear us out. Before starting the process, how about you give this list a look? Use this list as a definitive reference. Why’s ..

Top Budget-Friendly HDB 4-Room Flat Renovation

Is it possible to get a minimalist home renovation done with a budget of around $40,000? Most people would think that it’s impossible, but the interior designer has proven that not only is it possible, but you may end up with a minimalist HDB design..

Best Minimalist Style Living Interior Designs in Singapore

Looking for the best minimalist style living interior designs in Singapore? Here you will find some of the best ideas. These combine the simplistic appeal ..

Music Lover’s Small Apartment With Bright Beats [floor Plan]

Upbeat colourful accents add character to this modern apartment, where a 5 guitar rack gives a clue about the interests of its music-loving owner. quare metre home features a succinct open plan living space, with a comfortable lounge area for jam sessions, a space-saving one-w..

Palace Inspired Interior Design For Homes

Interior designing forms a crucial part of our homes. Home décor is something that comes naturally to most of us Indians. We love to pick up curios during our travels and adorn them in our homes. Our Indian culture and its heritage is the best inspiration for our home d..

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