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Interesting Ways To Bringing Positive Energy Into Your Home With Colours

We all want to create a positive vibes in our home. But do you know colors can play a very important role in achieving it? As you choose your favorite colors for the different rooms, you are often advised by the designer to use lighter hues to make the rooms seem larger, and a..

Popular Home Design Trends For 2022

There has been a significant growth in the interior designing field in the past year. While some designers looked outside the box and broke the conventional rules, others turned to older ideas and appeals. We have noticed that some design trends stand out.

These are ..

Great Working Room Design In HDB

o, you’re looking for a modern study room design. Having a work room, or a productivity station at home, has become the new trend. Everyone wants to have a place where they can focus and be ..

Best Minimalist Style Living Interior Designs in Singapore

Looking for the best minimalist style living interior designs in Singapore? Here you will find some of the best ideas. These combine the simplistic appeal ..

Useful HDB Colour Design Tips Ideas

home interior colour combination is pivotal for a complete setup. It would look too spread out without a proper colour scheme and setup. As a result, instead of a des..

Incredible Ways To Organize Your Home Office

This window side home office is a fresh layout on the usual executive desk formation. Not only does it save a lot of space, but it also gives the designer some leeway with the rest of the aesthetic. For example, you can have a much more lucrative space and wall clad phenomenon..

impeccable home office designs

Home offices are the pinnacle of residential professional – these offices are both cozy and stylish, with a pinch of commercial aesthetic. Today we will be taking a look at some impeccable home office designs in our library.


Extremely Awesome Ideas To Give Your Office A Makeover On Shoe String Budget

Thinking of an office makeover? But worried about the expenses. You are not wrong at your place. Makeover word in itself sends tremors of drastic changes which people believe is quite expensive. But this thought is far from reality.

A makeover is possible on a small ..

4 Best Home Office Designs That Will Make You Want To Work

Since work from home is a new culture, you need to think about home office space seriously. A home office is a place that reflects calmness, creativity, and comfort. Now, you no longer need to sit in cubicles with limited space, and you have the freedom to design your own work..

4 Ideas To Design a Stylish Home Office

Home offices do not have to be conventionally boring. Now, you can personalize this area in your home in any desired way. Look into stylish and contemporary furniture and get a perfect ergonomic chair.

Make sure you incorporate enough storage options to stay organize..

Bedrooms That Can Be Used As Home Offices

Having a study unit or a workspace in your home can make your life a lot easier. If you don’t have the space to designate a whole room for work or study, then you can repurpose your bedroom so that it can serve both as a bedroom and a study/work area. Here are some of ou..

Try These Amazing Home Office Ideas To Inspire Your Productivity

Since the pandemic has came  most of us has to do office work from home or work remotely, even students have to take classes from home. Whether that be a stack of paperwork or work on a laptop you need require a suitable place in your home for it. Where you can sit and co..

Incredible Ways To Organize Your Home Office

Choose black and gold eye-catching combinations for your home office. The black computer table with golden legs and support looks amazing. Also, choose a wooden texture for the floor to complement the black and gold colour combination.

Keep walls and ceiling white to..

6 Best Home Office Designs That Will Make You Want To Work

Another way to go when it comes to setting up a work/study station in your bedroom is to have the desk custom built into the wardrobe. This is a simple and easy solution especially if your space allows for it. Since not everyone has the same space to work with, or the same nee..

5 Smart Home Office ideas for small HDB

Don’t think you have the extra space for a home office? Odds are that you do. A little creativity and perhaps some elbow grease is all it takes to carve out more room. So whether you are trying to squeeze in a small desk or a fully loaded workspace, these ideas..

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