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Classic, Modern, And Elegant

Platform beds are growing in popularity and for the right reasons, too. They are affordable and durable to last longer than conventional boxy beds. You can easily blend a platform bed into the entire interior of the room. With how comfortable and relaxing they can be, we are b..

A Complete Closet

A shoe cabinet design is often overlooked in interior design ideas. But not this time. Whether you’re a lover of the latest footwear collection or someone prepared with shoes for any occasion, these ideas will perfectly work for your home interior. Let’s have a loo..

A Chic & Blue Kitchen

The latest and trending interior design styles for the kitchen divide the area into two. One of these is the dry kitchen, where you do all the chopping and preparation. Often, a kitchen island is used for this purpose. And another area is called the wet kitchen, wher..

Paying Attention To All Aspects

If you’re looking for something exquisite and not narrow, you could have a room-like walk-in closet. Here you have a bedroom divided by black tinted glass doors (sliding). These wide doors create a sense of unison.

Inside, you have a big standing mirror and bla..

Choosing The Right Colour Scheme

s it possible to get a minimalist home renovation done with a budget of around $40,000? Most people would think that it’s impossible, but the interior designer has proven that not only is it possible, but you may end up with a minimalist HDB design ..

Compartmentalize your storage bedroom

If you truly want some extra storage space in your bedrooms, then you can compartmentalize the existing space to include a small closet. The wall between the two parts of your bedroom can be designed as a full-height wardrobe, which can help get you more storage space.


Stylish bay window storage

If you’ve got a window in your bedroom, then you can rest assured that a smartly designed bay-window can definitely help enhance the storage of your home in a smart, sophisticated way. Note that the bay-window design doesn’t have to accommodate a seating space. It ..

Designer Storage Unit In The Shape Of Hut

In day to day life, storage units play an important role to keep your interior looking neat and uncluttered. But it does not need to look boring and plain. A storage unit with the latest design can also enhance the beauty of your interior as well.

Choosing the right ..

Closet Cabinet Shelves

So, you’re getting a wooden case, maybe even a marble case. But, there’s one thing you will forget – the illumination, more specifically, the lights that you will use on the shelves and storage unit. Lighting makes a significant impact on the overall appeal o..

Storage in Your Living Room

Are you a booklover and need a space to keep your books variety, then this media wall design is going to be your favorite one? In this design, the floating console is transformed into a multi-functional piece by working it into a display cabinet and bookshelf. This is also one..

Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Many homeowners and designers are swooning over this trend of feature wall wardrobes. A series of wardrobes assembled on the same wall to create an interesting accent is called “feature wall wardrobes.” These not only work as storage units but also add beautiful d&..

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