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Personalized, Stylish And Hustle-free Bathrooms Elevate These Modern Homes

Bathroom designs need not be very complicated. Still, there is definite need to address the functionality and space usage among other things to make an organized and stylish bathroom. These special homes below pay a lot of emphasis on their bathroom structure and amenities, th..

5 Beautiful Bathrooms Renovations That Embrace The Glam Side

Frankly, most of the people pay much attention on their bathrooms renovation. All the plumbing points are already set and cannot be moved without approval from the Housing Board Authorities. Therefore, it can be pretty hard to give any such bathroom interior design some indivi..

6 Pictures Of Lovely Bathrooms That’ll Calm You Down

It is not just your bedroom or your meditation nook that can make you feel calm. If you want to stylize your space in a way that adds relaxation, positivity, and optimism to your hectic life, you can’t ignore your bathroom as well.

This often overlooked place i..

“Face Lift” Your Bathrooms With GROHE’s Latest Lineare Collection

Thinking of giving a “face lift” for your bathroom?

Let’s bring your bathroom game to the next level. An easy start is to select the right bathroom fittings.

Often considered only for the functional aspects, bathroom fittings actually play..

Vintage Meets Modern & Bright With Natural Light Bathroom

When choosing a sink or tubs, make sure to consider its size and shape. You don’t want a small sink that will be too cramped for bathing purposes. You also don’t want a large tub that will take up too much space in your bathroom. Consider the shape of the sinks and..

Unique And Trendy Bathroom Design

Before you get that HDB toilet renovation done, you might have browsed countless ideas. It could be from magazines or the website database. Now, hear us out. Before starting the process, how about you give this list a look? Use this list as a definitive reference. Why’s ..

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